Exhibited as part of the MoCDA Digital Summer 2022 Show
In Reclaimed by Nature the human body becomes an extension of the natural landscape. The piece evokes the theme of ecology, suggesting a possibility of developing new ecosystems within the realms of the digital space where garments have lives of their own. The moss utilized as the primary material brings back the balance taken away by human industrial activities, reclaiming disturbed lands affected by disasters, such as deforestation and forest fires. Thus, instead of being a counterforce to this natural process, humans become one with it via the syn-vios or “living together.”

MoCDA Digital Summer Show 2022 is a group show featuring 30 works by emerging creatives. Organised in collaboration with international art schools and universities, the exhibition celebrates the diversity and energy of talented artists from all over the world while promoting new perspectives on digital creativity.”

3D still render, transparent satin/polyester sublimation prints: 50x70 cm, 2022