Marine Serre


Digital environment design for Marine Serre’s FW23, Rising Shelter collection presents an oasis formed around the remains of a bunker hidden in the middle of a desert echoing the themes of apocalypse, climate wars, heatwaves, and mass extinction:

As the sun streaks across a desert covered in thin layer of green smog, the viewers weightlessly move through the environment. With extreme rising temperatures and rapid acceleration to climate disaster, the scarcity of water is more and more evident. The remnants of a generation which survived the disaster is represented through the archetype of an oasis, the man-made shelter in the middle of an arid landscape rising above the water

Marine Serre’s SS21, AMOR FATI Dream Ball Bag in blue:

The shiny blue tones of the bag and its Earth-like spherical shape present a fantasy, a brighter future seen through the reflections of a lush forest on the reflective surface of the bag made through recycled repurposed plastic.

Two-channel (split-screen) video, 3D rendering, CGI animation, motion capture, 2023