Located in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, the Centquatre is a multipurpose art space which hosts and showcases artist residencies and artistic productions for audiences and artists from around the world. Conceived as a collaborative platform by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès and his teams, the venue provides access to all of today’s arts from all disciplines, through a resolutely popular, contemporary and cutting edge programme.

The logotype of the Centquatre is directly inspired by the architectural elements of the central facade of the art center. The two circular shapes symmetrically placed on a vertical line representing the letters c and q for the Centquatre resemble the windows on both sides of the arched entrance to the building.

The logotype design goes along with the notions of change and constant evolution of the site as it is an ever-changing institution that brings new waves of people and hosts different art and cultural events. This is evident in the pattern developed alongside the logotype, illustrating different circular shapes, ranging from a full circle to various forms of semi-circles.

Visual identity design proposal, 2022