L’AiR Arts,
Atelier 11
Cité Falguière


Design work produced for an in situ installation of a Ukrainian artist Vassyl Grubliak’s during his artist residency at 11 Atelier Cité Falgère and L’AiR Arts, an international arts-research residency program based in Paris, 75015.  

In Collaboration with Artists at Risk, iGuizzini, Clooney Foundation for Justice, and Parsons Paris – The New School.


11 for 11, The Living Heritage 

The booklet highlights 11 carefully curated locations marked by abstract designs. From historic art stores to famed cafes, each site is chosen for its significance. A system of symbols, crafted through collaboration and user testing, facilitates a seamless, categorized exploration of the neighborhood. Meant to be passed down from resident to resident as the “living heritage” object of Atelier 11, the booklet aims to connect its rich history to its contemporary present, and function as a collective journal between the site’s creative residents. They are invited to use the booklet to curate their journey in residence and document their experiences to share with those who follow them, acting as an heirloom of the Atelier.

Produced in collaboration with Zuzanna Zagorska and Keerthana Karthikeyan as part of a collaboration between Parsons Paris x L’AiR Arts, Atelier 11. 

Video and sound, Feb 2023

Posters, invites, and other printed exhibition material, 2023

Saddle stitch bound laser printed booklet with an inkjet printed foldable map cover (750mm x 394mm), Munken Polar 115g, Canvas, 2023