Cyber-Romanticism presents an ethereal CGI environment that draws inspiration from Greek mythology and nature. Airborne pieces of land mass floating on unearthly magnetic fields lit by constant rays of sunshine where time isn’t bound to the constraints of an ever-circulating planetary movement are materialized through digital means. The piece explores the notions of Technoromanticism, initially developed by the contemporary artist Stéphan Barron (1991-1996 in his doctoral research at the University of Paris VIII) and later expanded by Professor Richard Coyne in his 1999 book Technoromanticism. It is a concept and a theory of links between art and digital technologies, seeking to analyze the return of the human body within technological arts. The artist deploys philosophical notions of space and time, imagination and reality, and science and history by reviving the interest in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artistic and philosophical movement of Romanticism. The notions of size and perception are being questioned as the piece brings a digital landscape and a universe of a macro scale into the realms of the tangible space through screen projections and a unique book object. These objects serve as portals in time and space to glimpse into the reality of cyber-romanticism.

3D animation, three-screen video and sound installation, 2022